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For local companies

  • Pickup Vaasa is a great way of selling your products without having to invest big money and monthly fees on your own webshop.
  • Pickup Vaasa is a marketplace for local companies.
  • Pickup Vaasa is a hassle-free platform, where your customers can shop securely through the online systems.
  • Pickup Vaasa is an additional service for your customers. It allows them easy shopping from their homes without handling money in your store.
  • Your customer can choose preferred time for pickup or home delivery, depending on what service your company offers.
  • Pickup Vaasa ensures easy managing and handling of orders.
  • Pickup Vaasa gives your company visibility through continuous marketing of the webshop.
  • Pickup Vaasa is great way to support other local companies. Together we are strong!
  • Pickup Vaasa is a superb way of selling your products, now and in the future.

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  • Phone Number: +358 50 5773839
  • Email: sales@pickupvaasa.fi

Contact us directly via email or phone or use the contact form for inquiries about joining the marketplace.